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Academic Scholarship
Athletic Scholarship
Personnel Dependents
Marillac Grants-in-aid   (students assistants)
Marguerite Naseau Student Assistance   (MNSA)
A 50% discount on Tuition Fees

1. Application for the Marguerite Naseau Student Assistance
2. Certification from the Parish Priest, the Barangay Captain, a Daughter of Charity
3. X-Ray or fluoroscopy result (PA View)
4. Requirements for New Students (High School Report Card or Form 138, Birth and Baptismal           Certificate, Certificate of Good Moral Character

Vincent's Fellow (VF)
    The student as Vincent's Fellow is a needy FULL orphan, an abandoned child or a streetchild who shall enjoy paying only Php5,000 per semester or Php 1,500.00 during the required summer for all programs from first year to fourth year to cover for both tuition and miscellaneous fees. (Finance Office shall apply payment first to cover all miscellaneous and other fees before it will be applied to the tuition fees)

•  Application as Vincent's Fellow
•  Certification form the Parish Priest, the Barangay Captain or a Daughter of Charity,       
   a Lay Vincentian Partner or a DSWD Social Worker that the student is needy orphan,    an abandoned child or a street child
•  X-ray or fluoroscopy result (PA View)
•  Requirements for New Students (High School Report Card or Form 138, Birth and    Baptismal Certificate, Certificate of Good Moral Character


To all students and parents, you can now pay your tuition fees through MetroBank. Our Account Name is COLEGIO DE SAN JOSE and our account # is 375-337510864-0. After deposit, please give us the copy of your deposit slip or fax it to us at (033) 3296629.

To All CSJ Alumni, you can now register at our Alumni Registry


  “God often wishes to establish lasting good works upon the patience of those who undertake them, and for that purpose He triesthem in many ways ”

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